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When You're Ready to Move to Military Housing in Hawaii, We're Proud to Serve!

Hawaii Go Army HomesJust the thought of moving to a new post like Schofield Barracks can be stressful. While the Schofield Barracks, Honolulu, HI area offers many opportunities for relocating Army families, we offer the best schofield barracks housing and wheeler army airfield housing, there are so many new people to meet and new communities to learn about.  The last thing you need is to worry about moving to a home or neighborhood that really doesn't fit your family's requirements.  That's why this GoArmyHomes Website was created, to help make your move to Schofield Barracks as smooth as possible. 

Three Tips to Help You Have a Smooth Move to Military Real Estate in Hawaii

TIP #1: Determine if you are purchasing or renting. Either way you will find Army relocation Sales specialists ready to serve you and tools to help you decide which is best.

TIP #2: Take action according to your time frame. If you need to purchase fast, then there is our Home Readiness™ Program that will help you get pre-approved for financing, pick a home and place an offer before you even arrive.  Or if you have more time, then the Relocation Coach™ Program is designed to help you get prepared and understand the Schofield Barracks, Honolulu, HI area so there is no rush when you are ready to move.  And both of these programs are completely free to relocating Army families.

TIP #3: Make a plan. Use our free Army Family Relocation Planner to map out your move to the smallest detail.  And you will find other very useful Relocation Resources you can use before, during and after your move as well.

Our Way of Saying "Thank You" For Your Commitment...

They say that when a family member enlists in the military, the entire family joins. It is one of the bravest commitments an American citizen can make. And while they make this promise to their country, as a family member, you will be there right along with them.

When they first go off to boot camp, you'll be there too.

When they spend their first sleepless night thinking of you, you'll be spending your first sleepless night thinking about them. And when they have to transfer, like so many military personnel do, you'll be transferring right along with them.

As someone who is relocating to Schofield Barracks, HI, you'll find this same support group in your new neighbors. So please, feel free to use as a resource to help you find a beautiful home in this welcoming community.

When you're ready to move, we're proud to serve.

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