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Kaneohe Marine Base is located between two of the most substantial windward communities Kaneohe and Kailua, it occupies the whole of the Mokapu Peninsula and is accessible at the east end of Interstate H-3 on the Windward side of the island 12 miles northeast of the capital. The 322 acres of area on the Mokapu Peninsula was originally designated by President Woodrow Wilson for military operation. After undergoing series of transformations of occupancy by varying military personnel the former Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay which was a small Naval Air Station with only 3 patrol squadrons is now the Marine Corps Base Hawaii also named Fort Hase in 1942 after military artillery moved to the station preceding the events of Pearl Harbor. Kaneohe Marine Base (Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay) was the first location struck by Japanese military pilots on December 7, 1941 just 9 minutes prior to Pearl Harbor, resulting in 20 fatal injuries. After the naval aviation relocated to Barbers Point in the early 1950’s the Marines settle into the base and today the Puula Range, Pearl City Warehouse and Annex are joined creating one Command. The base is home to Marines, Sailors, and their supporting members including civilian employees.

Neighboring communities to Kaneohe Marine Base are Kaneohe, Kailua.


Just 15 minutes from the Kaneohe Marine Base and 0ne of the largest of several Windward communities and of the two largest residential areas of Kaneohe Bay, Kaneohe is known for its mountain views and family oriented lifestyle. Originally an agricultural staple it now offers a range of housing options including older homes and new developing housing communities. The area is made up of houses and townhomes with the average home value of just under $740,000 and is primarily local residents, working professionals, and active Military families. Kaneohe offers dining and shopping along the Kamehameha Highway at the town’s center and is known for the Windward Mall, Heeia State Park, Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden, and the Friendship Garden and The Valley of The Temples.


Neighboring Kaneohe along the Windward Coast, Kailua lies on the coast of Kailua Bay in the Ko'olaupoko District, just 4 miles ( a 15 minute commute) from Kaneohe Marine Base. A beach town community known for its world renown beaches and infamous shaved ice. Kailua is a well maintained older community which is considered upper middle class. The majority of Kailua residents are educated professionals, families, married couples and partner unions. Housing within the area is nearly all houses with exception to recent condominium developments. The median home value in this area is $942,000 excluding Lanikai (a wealthy community along the coast of Lanikai Beach) which has the median home value of just over $1,700,000. Kailua is most known for Kailua Beach Park, Lanikai Beach and President Barack Obama’s favorite shaved ice Island Snow which sits along the central commercial stretch of retailers, restaurants and goods shops along Kailua Road.

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