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Pearl Harbor Joint Base Pearl Harbor - Hickam and Surrounding Community

A brief History on Pearl Harbor;
Originally named ai Momi (waters of pearl) by Hawaiian natives Pearl Harbor is a reinforced natural harbor, where the historical U.S. Naval base is centered on the southern coast of Oahu and is roughly six miles west of the state's capital Honolulu. Currently faculty to the joining bases of Pearl Harbor Naval Base and Hickam Air Force Base with roughly 13, 700 enlisted Naval members, and over 5,400 active Air-force members, it is to date the United States most recognized military facility. The base became a focal point in American history on December 7th, 1941. Known now as “The Battle of Pearl Harbor”, the unannounced aerial attack was commissioned by a combined fleet of Japanese military under Prime Minister Tojo Hideki and commander in chief Yamamoto Isoroku. The attack was intended to neutralize the U.S. Pacific Fleet while protecting Japanese advances toward accessing oil and other resources from Malaya and the Dutch East Indies. This futile barrage was the result of 3,400 U.S. casualties of which 2,300 were fatal. Having ended all desire for neutrality among the nation, Congress declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941 just one day later, which became the American admission to the second World War.

Neighboring communities to Pearl Harbor are Aiea Heights, Pearl City and Salt Lake.


Within the City and county of Honolulu Aiea is just 18 miles (roughly 30 minutes) from Pearl Harbor. Its ideal location  is known for its exceptional views of the harbor and surrounding areas. The Community is primarily residential including houses and townhomes which are moderately priced in Hawaii’s market with the median home value of around $645,000. The community is made up of families, active seniors and military personnel living off base. Its location provides easy accessibility to a variety of shopping, and dining establishments as well as recreational centers. Among the most popular are Napuanani Park,  Aiea Shopping Center, the Ice Palace and The Bishop and Arizona Memorial Museums.

Pearl City

Located within the Ewa District and just 12 miles (a 25 minute commute) from Pearl Harbor, Pearl City is one of Oahu’s lead commercial and industrial outlets. It’s urban atmosphere provides a variety of  housing opportunities including apartments, townhomes and houses in traditional suburban settings with affordable homes ranging in the early $600,000’s. The community is long established as a comfortable home to families, service members, retirees, and working professionals. Its commercial setting hosts an excellent selection of dining, shopping and recreation, some of which include the Pearl City Shopping Center, Pearl City Kai Playground, Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge and Kahana VAlley State Park

Salt Lake
Salt Lake is Central location gives convenient access to downtown Honolulu, The Honolulu International Airport, and neighbors the Aiea and Pearl City communities.. Almost entirely surrounded by military bases including Pearl Harbor, Fort shafter and Tripler Medical Center, the community is at large active duty members, families and professionals working in Honolulu. The greater portion of the area is made up affluent upper-middle class homes including high-rise condominiums, mid rise-townhomes and houses with values averaging $875,000. This desirable area is comfortable a distance from the commercial amenities including the abundant restaurants, retail  and entertainment offered by downtown Honolulu. A blend of urban and island beauty Salt Lake is  considered a green community and is home to the Salt Lake District Park as well as some of the largest stretches of recreational parks on the island.

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