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Wheeler Army Airfield originated from an airfield of the former 17th Cavalry Regiment that was cleared for the construction of housing for the divisional air service in 1922 under Lieutenant William T. Agee. Formerly known as Wheeler Field, it was named in honor of Major Sheldon H. Wheeler, a former commander of Luke Field who past in the fatal crash of DH-4B. The new flying field was designated in 1923 and underwent a series of transformations during 1920’s and 1930’s when in October of 1922 the Photo Section No. 11 and Intelligence Office 11 of the 4th Observation Squadron, whom were the original units of the Schofield Barracks Airdome returned to Luke Field. Followed by the formation of the 17th Composite which was  inoperative by 1924, the addition of the 18th Pursuit Group, 6th and 19th Pursuit Squadrons who arrived from Luke Field, and several other revisions.
On December 7, 1941 Wheeler Field was one of the first areas attacked by Japanese military pilots, during which 12 pilots of the 15th Pursuit Group succeeded in an attempt to engage and decommission the attack. Casualties of the Wheeler incident of Pearl Harbor consisted of 33 fatal injuries and 75 injuries and extensive damage of which of 76 aircrafts were completely destroyed. Today Wheeler Army Airfield is home to the Defense Information Systems Agency, the 169th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron of the Hawaii Air National Guard, the 193rd Aviation Regiment and Detachment 55 Operational Support Airlift and the Army’s 25th Infantry Division Combat Aviation Brigade.

Neighboring communities to Wheeler Army Airfield are Wahiawa, Mililani, and Pearl City.


Wahiawa is situated in the island's central valley between the Wai'anae Mountains and Ko'olau Mountains, is surrounded almost entirely by Lake Wilson (the second largest reservoir in Hawaii), and is less than 3 miles from Wheeler Army Airfield (less than 10 minutes) and 30 minutes from downtown Honolulu. This residential area offers  a variety of apartments, condominiums, houses and townhomes averaging around $515,000. The residents in the Wahiawa area are a blend of military personnel, local family, and single households. For weekend recreation Wahiawa offers its infamous Dole Plantation( home to the Pineapple maze and train tour), The Wahiawa Botanical Garden and the Wahiawa Freshwater State Park.

Mililani (Mililani Town, and Mililani Mauka)

Mililani is Centrally located within the City and County of Honolulu, and is 10 minutes from Wheeler Army Airfield. Divided into three sub-districts Mililani is known as Mililani Town (West of the interstate), Mililani Mauka, (East of the interstate) and Launani Valley. Mililani Town is considered the older of the areas and is notorious for its retail outlets and dining, Mililani Mauka is considered to be a newer upper middle class community, and Launani Valley is  a planned development of affordable townhomes and single family housing. The Mililani community is a comfortable blend of urban and suburban lifestyle. Median home values in this neighborhood fall just shy of $517,00, and offers the Mililani Golf Club, Mililani Dog Park, the Mililani Shopping Center, Mililani Consolidated Theatre, and is home to local families and enlisted service members.

Pearl City

Located within the Ewa District and just over 11 miles from Wheeler Army Airfield, Pearl City is one of Oahu’s lead commercial and industrial outlets. It’s urban atmosphere provides a variety of  housing opportunities including apartments, townhomes and houses in traditional suburban settings with affordable homes ranging in the early $600,000’s. The community is long established as a comfortable home to families, service members, retirees, and working professionals. Its commercial setting hosts an excellent selection of dining, shopping and recreation areas, some of which include the Pearl City Shopping Center, Pearl City Kai Playground, Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge and Kahana Valley State Park.

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